Sustainable company

Because we are citizens of Brussels before being transport professionnals, we have created a set of sustainable services to make Brussels more accessible to everyone.

Our mission

Become the preferred mobility partner. The first one you think of when you want to move quickly, safely and pleasantly in Brussels

Our difference

The most reliable urban mobility partner in Brussels.

Our promise

We promise you peace of mind with every ride.

Your experience

Welcoming, Peace of mind, Time saving, In good hands, Problem-solving, Serenity

Our vision

Welcoming, Peace of mind, Time saving, In good hands, Problem-solving, Serenity


Taxis Verts

Professional transport of persons and parcel since 1981. Taxis Verts is proud to put its service and reliability at disposal of its customers for nearly 40 years: individuals, companies, associations and public administrations.

Because the taxi business is a public service, we have developed a range of services that allow us to meet the needs of a large number of people, especially the most vulnerable.

Our 900 professional drivers are continuously trained to provide the best possible service to customers and benefit from career development opportunities that give them visibility and diversity on a daily basis.


Partner Make-a-wish®
Belgium South

Taxis Verts is proud to partner with Make-a-wish® Belgium South to help children in hospitals make their dreams come true. In order to fulfill these dreams, we need a chain of players which will contribute according to their tools and know-how. As a major player of the mobility industry in Brussels, Taxis Verts and the drivers-partners will be thrilled to handle transportations for these kids, either from or to our city. Thus, we’ll help the mission to bring them the hint of happiness that they strongly need.



Taxis Verts