As part of the emergency measures taken by the government to counter the spread of the Corona virus, Taxis Verts is committed to contribute to this collective effort.

Our taxi service is available  24/7  for your trips via 02/349.49.49 or the Taxis Verts app.


Collecto stays suspended until further notice, depending on the evolution of social distancing rules (update 16/02/2021)

 We apply safety measures in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Therefore Taxis Verts has issued a number of safety measures in order to guarantee the safety of the passengers and drivers. These measures are described in the #SafeTaxi charter of Taxis Verts. This charter is also the engagement of every Taxis Verts driver.

Start paying contactless by
downloading the Taxis Verts app

If you need to send goods or letters, our delivery service remains available for your urgent deliveries via the phone number 02/349 46 46.

Take care of yourself and others!

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