Common questions

I have an appointment, a plane or a train to catch? I want to order a cab but I don’t know what the margin should be?

The waiting times given to you when you make your reservation are indicative. They will nevertheless give you a good idea of the schedule to expect. They have been drawn up for normal traffic conditions and do not take into account traffic hazards and other unforeseeable events (strikes, demonstrations, weather conditions, etc.) that may delay the arrival of the cab at your pick-up address and significantly increase the duration of the journey.
In all cases, please allow for a sufficient safety margin. For all orders to train stations and airports, we advise you to add a margin of 30 and 45 minutes respectively to the estimated time.

To estimate the duration of your trip, consult our online tool.

I ordered a cab through the TAXIS VERTS radio center. I got off a few minutes late and the cab had already left. Isn’t the driver supposed to wait for his customer?

When a cab is booked without a passenger still on board, the regulations stipulate that it can leave without waiting if parking is impossible. On the other hand, it happens all too frequently that the customer who has booked the cab changes his mind without having called or takes the first cab he meets in the street without waiting for the one he has been assigned. This is called a “non-charge”. This is why we advise you to be present no later than 5 minutes after the agreed time.

A cab driver refused to take us because there were 4 of us. Is this legal?

No, any Brussels cab must accept to take in charge 4 passengers (maximum). More specifically, the cab driver is prohibited from refusing to take passengers when the number of passengers authorized by the vehicle’s registration card allows it, unless the corresponding seats have been removed.

I hailed a cab on the street in which there was no one and the driver did not stop. Is this legal?

To find out if a cab is free, just look at the light: if it is on, the cab is free. If the cab you are hailing is indeed free, the driver must stop, unless it is located less than 100 meters from a cab rank and a cab is already waiting there. In this case, the driver is required to go to the taxi stand and move to the back of the line.

At a cab stand, I wanted to take the 3rd cab in line and the first drivers showed me their displeasure. Am I not entitled to choose the cab I want to take?

Yes, the customer is indeed free to choose among the available drivers as long as this choice does not create traffic difficulties or the cabs are not channeled by police officers. For example, if a customer is looking for a specific vehicle, he may have to go far back in the queue. Do not hesitate to use this right.

After I told him my destination, a cab driver, whose light indicates that he is free, refused to take me. Does he have the right to do so?

Yes and no, cab drivers are not allowed to refuse passengers unless they are clearly intoxicated or the car is likely to get dirty.

I am in a busy place (e.g. theater, concert hall, amusement park, etc.) and want to order a cab? How will they find me?

Remember to meet the driver at a certain distance from the exit of the show. Find a precise address (number and street name) and communicate it at the time of your order. This will allow you to avoid any crowd around your cab.

I asked a cab driver to take a particular route and he told me that he knew his job and certainly knew Brussels better than I did. I am a customer, I pay, don’t I have the right to choose the route I want to take?

You are correct. Cab drivers are required to take passengers to their destination by the route they consider to be the most direct, unless the passengers indicate otherwise. In this case, the cab driver must comply with the passenger’s wishes.

We took a cab with friends and the driver refused to make a detour to drop us off at different locations? Is this legal?

No, when on duty, cab drivers are required to stop their cars en route at the request of customers who wish either to have accompanying persons disembark or to have other persons board.

I ordered a cab from the TAXIS VERTS radio station. Once I arrived at my destination, the driver, although equipped with a credit card reader, refused to allow me to use this method of payment. Was he authorized to do so?

No, all TAXIS VERTS affiliated drivers who have a payment card terminal must accept this method of payment. To be sure that your car is equipped with a credit card reader and/or Maestro/Bancontact, specify it to our call center when placing your order.

The cab driver I ordered refused to take me because I had a dog. Is this legal?

If you ordered your cab through the TAXIS VERTS radio station and you mentioned the presence of your pet to the operator who processed your request, the latter must have assigned you a cab that accepts pets. The driver has been notified of your request and will pick you up with your pet.

The regulations authorize a cab driver to refuse animals, except in the case of blind people with their guide dogs

I bought a small piece of furniture in a store and the cab driver refused to let me get into his vehicle. Does he have the right to do so?

es, cab drivers are free to refuse luggage that cannot be carried by hand. They are also prohibited from loading luggage or packages inside the vehicle that could soil or damage the carpets and benches or leave a bad smell.

However, once the luggage has been accepted, the driver is obliged to transport it to its destination. In all cases, the driver is not required to participate in the loading/unloading of bulky packages.

As a safety measure, we advise you to inform us at the outset and to ask the opinion of our operator who will confirm (or not) whether your request is “acceptable” and will send you, if necessary, a car with a large trunk or a vehicle specially dedicated to the transport of parcels (from 3 to 20 cubic meters).

Cabs and seatbelts, what exactly is the situation?

For your own safety and that of your companions, always fasten your seatbelt. The Highway Code requires that all passengers in a vehicle must be protected and secured, even in a cab.

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