Update 9/09/20

Collecto stays suspended until further notice, depending on the evolution of social distancing rules


Collecto is a taxi ride-sharing service, available 24/7 between 11 pm and 6 am in the Bruxelles-Capitale region.

The night ride-sharing

taxi service for 5€

Get picked-up at one of the 200 Collecto stops (check google maps) located at STIB stops and driven to any address you want in the Bruxelles-Capitale region. You only pay 5€, either through the app or directly to the driver.
This service is managed by taxi drivers who will group you with other customers booking for comparable routes.

Book a Collecto with your smartphone. The Collecto app is 100% free. Check our video here.


How does it work ?

Using the free Collecto app

collecto_3l_Collecto copie

Or by phone at the number
02 800 36 36 

Contact details

Your name, home address and phone number

Collecto stop n°

Then number of the Collecto stop that you can find on the dedicated STIB pannels

Drop-off address

The drop-off address that must be located within the Region of Bruxelles-Capitale

Pick-up time

You can book your Collecto at a fixed time every 30 minutes, between 11pm and 6am. It is necessary to book at least 20 minutes before your desired pickup time.


The number of passengers going to the same destination address (4 max)

How to take a Collecto

at a boarding point ?

The effective departure will take place within 15 minutes of the scheduled time of departure. It is however absolutely paramount to be sharp on time, as you might be the first person to step in the Collecto. Tell the driver the name under which you made the booking, to be sure you take the right Collecto.

How to cancel

a collecto ?

Itineraries and stops are scheduled in advance. You can cancel a ride up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. However, the price of a journey is due, if it is cancelled too late.

Did you order by phone?
Then call 02/800.36.36 to cancel your Collecto.

Did you order in the app?
You may cancel your Collecto in the app.

Can I order a Collecto

all year round?

Yes, but the Collecto service is suspended on 24 December and 31 December.
Collecto is organised by the Brussels-Capital Region (Brussel Mobiliteit/Bruxelles Mobilité).