Update 09/06/2021

Collecto stays suspended until further notice, depending on the evolution of social distancing rules

Collecto : the shared night taxi at a low price

Did you miss the last metro and get stuck at the other end of Brussels? Are you going out tonight and you don’t know how to get back? Do you plan to walk home but fear for your safety? Collecto and its app are here to save you in these situations.

Download the app here :

Collecto, what is it ?

To book a Collecto is very easy. You can do this by phone via 02/800 36 36 or via a mobile application with which you can book a Collecto taxi. You can be picked up at one of the 200 STIB/MIVB stops in Brussels-Capital between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. You can then arrive at your preferred destination within the limits of the Brussels region.

The ride fare is € 5 if you have the MOBIB card, otherwise € 6.

This service is perfectly complementary to buses, trams, subways and other public transport when they are no longer running. With a simple smartphone and a credit card or cash, you can go home safely and at any time.

Collecto's services

Collecto ensures all your trips within the Brussels-Capital region during the night. You order your shared taxi via the smartphone application and it arrives up to 15 minutes after the booked pick up time between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The vehicles offered by our taxi company are different but comfortable. Minibuses, standard taxis, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, etc. You can return home in a pleasant and secure vehicle.

Some people may think that this creates unfair competition compared to classic taxis. On the contrary, the Collecto service is provided by Taxis Verts. The service is also supported by the Brussels government and the STIB/MIVB. Unlike Uber, Collecto picks customers up at a stop after their reservation and drops them off at their homes or address of their choice within Brussels. This service therefore is a benefit to the taxi industry and not a threat.

So yes, when you take a Collecto you certainly won’t be alone. The Collecto service brings together passengers coming from nearby stops in order to group rides. It is therefore not identical to that of a classic taxi. It is a collective taxi that allows you to make lovely encounters.

Price of a Collecto

Pricing is very simple. The ride fare is € 5 for a passenger who has an annual STIB subscription, € 6. The price is fixed and does not depend on the number of kilometers traveled. You can pay on board in cash but also with your credit card, after having linked it to your account, when booking. Taking a Collecto is an inexpensive and simple solution.

Collecto Stops

The list of Collecto stops is quite long, there are around 200. From Ixelles/Elsene to Etterbeek via Molenbeek, Schaerbeek and Woluwe, there are stops at every corner. It is therefore certain that you will find one near your place or wherever you are in Brussels. Each pick-up point corresponds to the stop of public transport:

• at metro stations,

• at stations,

• at bus and tramway stops,

Mainly where the SNCB or STIB/MIVB is located.

The busiest stops are the Nord Station, Central Station, De Brouckère, South station or at the VUB and ULB where many student parties are held.

To locate a Collecto stop, just look on the sign under the stop name. If the transport service can pick you up there, it will be clearly stated. Otherwise, you can view the map of the stops closest to you via the app.

Find your nearest Collecto stop here:

How to order a Collecto ?

Booking has never been easier than with this concept. To get started, you must either call 02/800 36 36 or download the mobile application. You then book your Collecto by giving the following information:

—   The number of the stop at which you want us to pick you up

—   The hour at which you want to leave (hour or hour and a half)

—  Your contact details such as your address, name and telephone number

—  The address you want to go to

—  The number of passengers (4 maximum)

—  If you have a STIB subscription

Once your data has been entered in the application, you can decide to pay the driver directly or use the in-app payment by linking a credit card to your account. If you order by phone, payment is always in cash.

You can order a Collecto at any time between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m, but it is advisable to order at least 20 minutes in advance. If you do not have a smartphone to use the application, you can also call 02/800 36 36 to reserve your Collecto.

At the scheduled time or up to 15 minutes later, the Collecto driver arrives at the requested stop. You confirm your name and get into the vehicle, either alone or with other passengers on a journey that includes more or less the same route. You are asked to pay, if you haven’t already done so through the app. Show the driver your Mobib card if you have one. You can then make your journey in a good mood and the driver will drop you off at the requested address in Brussels.

In the event of a problem and the need to cancel the reservation, you can always cancel your reservation up to 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You can do this by using the same means you used to order. A simple phone call from the number you ordered with or a simple click on the app and your reservation is canceled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collecto is available all year round. Except during the night of December 24 and 31.

No, Collecto is only available in the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

  • You have booked via the app: You can cancel your Collecto in the Collecto app up to 20 minutes before the pick-up time.
  • You have booked by phone: Call 02/800 36 36 from the same phone number you used to make your reservation and cancel your order up to 20 minutes before the pick-up time.

Up to 20 minutes before the pick-up time, you can change your order by phone or via the Collecto app. No changes can be made to the route during the ride.

You just have to wait for your Collecto at the stop, because your Collecto will arrive. Collecto will pick up the first person of the shared taxi at the time of booking. In case you are the second, third or fourth person of the shared taxi, the Collecto will arrive within 15 minutes after the pick-up time.

The actual pickup time is within 15 minutes from the scheduled time. But be absolutely present at the Collecto starting point at the agreed time, as you may be the first person to board the Collecto. In order to ensure you get on board of your Collecto, please always tell the driver the name under which you made the reservation.