Make your team’s operations easier and take care of your customers while keeping an eye on their consumption and your budget.
Diversity of services, admin and reporting tools, deferred payments : we are eager on knowing more about your needs.


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Taxis Verts ? 

We are not n°1 by pure chance



As a member of our Corporate services, you benefit from priority during peak hours, to make sure you’re right in time


Sense of service

Thanks to our 900 professional taxi drivers, the Taxis Verts range of services allows you to offer tailor-made solutions to your corporate users


Budget management

Our admin and reporting tools provide you with full control over your teams expenses, so you can manage your budget all year long

The new Web booker of
Taxis Verts

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The range

of service

Administration tools

Manage the booking rights of users, real-time reporting, premium access to customer service, etc.

Parcel delivery

You needs to have your parcels delivered ? call our easy and reliable service, and just relax.


Berline, vans, reduced-mobility adapted vehicles, etc.

Level of services

Classic Taxi or Club Executive


Billing by ride or monthly, you can select the option that suits you better.


Drivers and vehicles at your disposal, availability insurance, pop-up taxi station, etc.

Admin tools

Taxis Verts

Thanks to our tailor-made solution for corporate admin managers, you can manage the booking rights of your users, follow their consumption in real times and make all of your admin tasks easier.


The advantages

of parcel delivery

Monthly billing

Monthly billing and payment of all your parcel deliveries.

100% transparent

Detailed billing through your customer account on our website.


Digital bookings and follow-up.

Easy to use

You can use our Taxis Verts cheques.


Priority on parcels delivery to make sure your parcels arrive in time.

Optimal management

Organize your parcels deliveries in the Brussels region.

Hotels & Hospitals

Whether you’re welcoming visitors at eh reception of a hotel, a hospital or a business-center, you are regularly asked for taxi bookings. It’s time consuming but we have solutions for you.


Book, cancel or modify a ride, call back the driver to check the ride status… these tasks are not your priority and they demand a lot of attention without the proper tools.
To assist you in this, Taxis Verts offers you two free, reliable and efficient tools :

-Automated and easy phone bookings
-Managing your rides online

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Services available 24/7.


Club Executive

Club Executive is a premium taxi service for your highly important transfers or for important managers and visitors, like the CEO.
The flexibility of the Club Executive relies on 220 high class vehicles available 24/7. This service is provided by bilingual drivers, with particularly high professional qualities.
The Club Executive is the guarantee to have a high class vehicle at the precise time of your order, whatever the traffic conditions might be.